Elevate Your Authority and Attract Quality Leads

6-Week Cohort-Based LinkedIn Accelerator

  • Hour glassSinking valuable hours into LinkedIn with little to show for your efforts?
  • Struggling to create content that attracts likes and comments?
  • Can’t shake the nagging feeling that with the right guidance you could be generating many more high-quality leads?

The unique [in]credible accelerator will give you the must-have knowledge, skills and habits you need to bolster your personal brand and drive a consistent stream of fresh business opportunities with LinkedIn.

Supercharge your LinkedIn Performance


Course overview

Learn how to use LinkedIn the smart way.

It’s easy to sink your precious time into LinkedIn without generating any worthwhile results.

Inconsistent content, connecting with the wrong people and not presenting the best online version of ‘you’ all result in missed opportunities and wasted effort.

That’s where our innovative [in]credible programme delivers.

Over a 6-week period you’ll be coached in a supportive group of other business professionals to build the strategic approach and habits to be the success you deserve to be on Linkedin.

“Nigel’s LinkedIn training is nothing short of a revelation – a real eye-opener. Nigel’s knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for this platform inspires you to learn and engage.

If you are serious about building your personal brand, nurturing relationships and developing engagement on Linkedin – look no further. Thanks Nigel!”


Simon Carin

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Who is for?

Business owners

Business owners

You struggle for time and crave a way to get results on LinkedIn as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Subject experts

Subject experts

You want to realize the full value of your knowledge and skills and build a powerful network the reflects your authority in your niche.

Sales professionals

Sales professionals

You want to ditch your scattergun approach to LinkedIn and have a robust, scalable process that generates a consistent pipeline of new leads.

Become a LinkedIn success with

Get results from LinkedIn the smart way.

Take the guesswork out of LinkedIn.

We’ll provide you with all the strategic know-how and insider expertise to create an approach that’ll get results – whatever your aspirations.

Get results from LinkedIn the smart way.

Build a profile that attracts interest

Create the best representation of you and what you’re all about.

An optimized profile is more than just an online business card. Together we’ll create a profile that makes you easy to find and that curious visitors want to engage with.

Build a profile that attracts interest

Create content that your audience cares about

No more single-figure likes and comments on your posts.

We’ll create a content creation strategy that resonates with your followers and doesn’t take hours each day to execute.

Create content that your audience cares about

Build the habits and expertise that’ll drive long-term success

Don’t stop posting content when your inspiration runs dry.

The key to ongoing success with LinkedIn is quality, engagement, and consistency. We’ll help you develop the structures and processes to bake LinkedIn activity into your working life, creating a habit you’ll love.

Build the habits and expertise that’ll drive long-term success

Don’t just take our word for it…

After posting my first video last week, I am totally shocked at how many views and comments I got. I had a client query within a couple of hours putting it up and also I was contacted by the CEO of a Carers organisation to hold a Zoom meeting.

Thanks for the training, it has been a great help.

Build the habits and expertise that’ll drive long-term success

Moona Karim

I’ve got a completely different outlook on how how I can use social media more effectively in business. It gave me a brand new awareness on how I present myself as a professional whilst increasing my potential with new and existing clients.

Using LinkedIn for business development is something I’ll move towards rather than shy away from in the future!

Build the habits and expertise that’ll drive long-term success

Richard Harrison

I have been so fortunate to develop a really good network of quality contacts from LinkedIn that has allowed me to develop the work I am doing on mental health and wellbeing.

I can attribute this to you Nigel and the introduction you gave me to LinkedIn…. Thank you.

Build the habits and expertise that’ll drive long-term success

Martin Roberts

Thank you for continuing to share tips to help people understand how to get the most out of LinkedIn.

I continue to marvel at how LinkedIn has so deeply enriched my life this past year!

Build the habits and expertise that’ll drive long-term success

Jenny Haase

A better approach to LinkedIn Training

Immediate impact

Immediate impact

Join the [in]credible Linkedin Accelerator and you’ll begin to see tangible results quickly.

The entire programme is designed around giving you the knowledge, skills and habits to be a LinkedIn success as soon as possible.

We’ll give you the tools to track your progress so you can monitor the impact of your efforts.

Learn together <br />in a supportive group

Learn together
in a supportive group

You’ll be joined by other talented professionals looking to get more from LinkedIn.

Every two weeks we’ll join a video call to learn from each other and hold ourselves accountable for our progress.

Between weeks you’ll discuss and share your progress on our learning platform.

Flexible delivery

Flexible delivery

Unlike other LinkedIn programmes, the [in]credible Accelerator is a blended mix of self-study online content and live group discussions.

This give you the flexibility to work on your LinkedIn presence and activity whenever you please.

So if you’d prefer to study during the weekdays or blitz it over the weekend, it’s your choice.

Learn by doing

Learn by doing

We learn more by taking action than passively consuming content.

Each week you’ll be set tasks to complete to build your audience and improve your visibility.

These all help you develop the practical skills and habits to have long-term success on LinkedIn.

Packed with actionable content

Packed with actionable content

The programme includes dozens of useful walkthrough videos to help you get the most from LinkedIn.

We’ll also explore real-life scenarios to gain a fresh understanding of how you can use LinkedIn effectively in different contexts.

Long-term support

Long-term support

Most LinkedIn courses offer minimal support beyond the core training period.

We understand that building new habits take time, so we’ll support you with regular emails and optional group check-ins to help you hone your skills and maximise your progress.



Get access to the [in]credible learning platform in advance of the first group video call. Introduce yourself and find out how the course works.

  Programme opens.

Week 1 - LinkedIn 101

  Live group video call.

Topics: How the course works; Maximizing your success on the programme; Unleashing the opportunities with LinkedIn; Navigating the platform; Defining your measures of success; Your current LinkedIn performance

  2-3 hours self-study and activity + 1 hour live class.

Week 2 - Defining Your Audience

Topics: Defining your ideal customer; Understanding your audience’s journey; Keywords and phrases; Hashtags; Finding your target customers with precision

  3-4 hours self-study and activity

Week 3 - Optimizing Your Profile

  Live group video call.

Topics: How to optimize your profile; Elements of a LinkedIn profile; Creating an About section that has impact; Headlines, education, services and recommendations; Company pages

  4-5 hours self-study and activity + 1 hour live class.

Week 4 - Engaging for Impact

Topics: Why content is the fuel for LinkedIn; How to find and engage in relevant conversations; Generating content ideas; LinkedIn community standards; Thought leadership; Your client’s questions and challenges; Building influence; Gathering intelligence; Tone of voice; Your digital legacy

  3-4 hours self-study and activity

Week 5 - Creating Content (The Smart Way)

  Live group video call.

Topics: Creating your first enhanced post; Analysing your engagement; Implementing your content strategy; Testing LinkedIn content types; Creating video posts; Scheduling posts; Content best practice

  4-5 hours self-study and activity + 1 hour live class.

Week 6 - Connecting for Success

 Wrap-up group video call.

Topics: Making connection requests; Building your network; Baking LinkedIn activity into your daily workflow; Managing and converting prospects effectively.

  4-5 hours self-study and activity + 1 hour live class.

After the programme

Your LinkedIn journey doesn’t end after the final group session.

We’ll support you with regular email reminders to keep you on track and ensure you are getting full value from your efforts.

We’ll also schedule optional group check-ins to learn how the rest of your group are succeeding with LinkedIn.

Nigel Cliffe

Meet your LinkedIn Expert and course leader

Hi, I’m Nigel Cliffe and I’m obsessed with all things LinkedIn!

I’ve seen the success that LinkedIn can have on people’s businesses and careers. I’ve also seen what a waste of time LinkedIn can be for people if they don’t have the right strategy in place.

Over the past decade, I’ve helped 10,000+ people learn the knowledge, skills and habits they need to be a success with LinkedIn.

I’ve had clients land multi-million dollar deals or land the dream role they’ve always wanted by implementing the techniques I teach.

I’m incredibly proud of the high-impact programme I’ve pulled together. Join us to kick-start your LinkedIn journey!

Connect with me on LinkedIn >

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll give you all the tools, systems and information you need to use LinkedIn effectively. Apply our proven approach to LinkedIn and you’ll achieve your objectives.

This program is designed for ambitious business owners/managers, solopreneurs, subject experts and professionals.

Whether you are looking to generate more business, build your personal brand or take the next step in your career we can show you how to use LinkedIn to achieve your aims.

The programme combines self-study online materials with live group video sessions.

The self-study online materials are accessed through the [in]credible learning platform. These are unlocked every two weeks as the programme progresses.

The live group sessions take place every two weeks on Zoom.

We have a maximum of 12 people on each course. We restrict the number of participants to retain the quality and ensure you have the opportunity to build deep relationships with the group.

You can still attend the live sessions, but may not get full value from these.

We’d recommend blocking out time in your calendar at the start of the course to give you the best chance of completing the materials.

All live sessions are recorded, although we would encourage you to attend these at the scheduled time to get the most from the course.

You can download a PDF certificate at the end of the course. We’ll show you how to share this on your LinkedIn profile!

Absolutely! Get in touch and we can arrange to send them full details of the program with an invoice.

Yes we do! We can adapt our core programme to tailor this for your organization’s needs. Contact us for more details.

This course is built for busy full-time professionals.

The workshops will be recorded and you can access them at any point in case you cannot join them live. You can drop in on the content at any time, much of it at your own pace between milestones.

Outside of that, expect curated reading and virtual events to meet your fellow peers. In total, you’ll be committing to 2-3 hours per week.

You can sign up for our mailing list. We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest [in]credible program news and future course dates.

We do provide a flexible payment plan, split over three equal monthly payments. Simply choose this option at checkout.

Please just contact us.

Alternatively connect with me on LinkedIn and send me a DM!

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